From_The_Freezer_IMG_7378Every time I pull dinner from the freezer, I wish that had the presence of mind to put dinner in the freezer more often. What a luxury on a busy evening, to bung something in the oven, throw together a simple salad, and be done with it.

I totally understand the appeal of the prepared frozen meal now. Well, except for the shitty flavor, highly processed chemically ingredients, and wasteful packaging bit.

Tonight it was Easy Pasta Bake. I usually bake half of the dish on the night I first prepare it, and freeze the other half for a busy night like tonight.

I learned tonight for if you forget to leave your frozen pasta out to thaw in the morning. A couple of hours in the oven on warm will have it ready to bake up perfectly in 15-20 minutes (at 350).

People with microwaves probably don’t have this timing problem. I do not have a microwave, they give me the willies.

After dinner we had a secret special occasion cupcake party, with guilty-pleasure cupcakes from Crumbs.