I wanted to post this on Instagram with the hashtag #noexcuses but I realize that’s kind of a fitnessy hashtag, and Fennel Baked in Cream is decidedly not a fitnessy dish. I may do it anyway.

But seriously, no excuses! This is low-maintenance/high-pleasure dish, particularly on a frigid cold day like today in goddamned New England. Prep time is virtually nothing and the recipe is forgiving. If you don’t have two bulbs of fennel (which I never do) just add the equivalent of a fennel bulb’s worth of peeled and quartered carrots. If you don’t have enough heavy cream* add some vegetable broth.

*I was super-excited to find that Trader Joe’s is now selling shelf-stabilized heavy cream. This is fantastic news for my family, now that we no longer live across the street from a bodega where we can pick up anything we want at a moment’s notice.