It was a man’s world, or more specifically, a man’s kitchen, tonight. The scene: Three big guys, classic Police, shots of Patron, deep frying, and an unbelievable mess.

The result: Oyster Po-Boys (scallop for ole preggers here – thanks dudes), tater tots, cole slaw with raw ramen noodles & cashews, fresh corn, tomato and cuke salad, fresh-caught bluefish, and three different creamy hot sauces ranging in spice from mild to ring-stinger.

Everyone wanted me to tell you that the boys ran out of cornmeal and had to put tortilla chips into the Vitamix blender for the final batch of oyster-frying batter. It worked brilliantly.

For dessert we had homemade peach shortcake (peaches, with sweet biscuits and whipped cream) by Cathy.

See photo captions for more details.