Is it just me, or are eggs underrated as a dinner food? I mean, they’re quick, easy, versatile and all nutritiony. Eggs are great when you don’t have much time, or much in the fridge, or when you’re just not up for putting a lot of effort into cooking because you caught a cold on the plane.

Shane has some elusive yet very particular ideas about what constitues a “proper meal.” He does not agree with me about eggs being a good dinner food. Shane was not home for dinner tonight, I’m feeling lousy, we had eggs. I like mine scrambled with cheese, 50/50 is my preferred ratio of cheese to egg. Rose takes them soft boiled, with buttered toast fingers, for dipping.

I really shouldn’t go on for so long about eggs though, because the carrots we had were out of this world. Ginger Honey Glazed Carrots, so easy, so delicious, perfectly sweet, buttery and salty. But really, it’s the fresh ginger that makes the dish.

There were a couple of bulbs of fennel in my csa box this week. I love fennel, do you? I use it a lot and am not sure how other people feel about it. It was perfect tonight, thinly sliced with slivered mint leaves and Rita’s dressing.