I hate the cold, I mean, utterly loathe it. And I extra-hate bitter cold days like today, where the “real feel” is -21. Minus 21 is just wrong. It’s about as wrong as having to wake up while it’s still dark out.

Fortunately there are warm, cheesy, baked and fried foods to eat while we stay indoors. Tonight Shane made warm, crispy, cheesy leftover risotto arancini*. And I made roasted broccoli with lots of lemon, and my grandma’s favorite recipe Company Carrots which are baked with horseradish and mayo and topped with crunchy panko.

The Christmas tree is on the fire escape and the recycle is piled up by the door. I see no reason they can’t stay there for a while longer… unless someone else is willing to take them out.

Stay warm. xoxoxo

*Shane made the arancini really big today, so big that he had to do a kind of vertical fry to get the sides nice and brown. This made me chuckle. See below.