Wayne cooked last night, it’s been a while and we were all very excited to have him back in the kitchen. Wayne is a Chinese food aficionado, not only does he have a deep appreciation of Chinese food but he also cooks it incredibly well too. He’s even informally interned in some Boston area Chinese restaurant kitchens. If you’d listened to the sounds coming from our house while we were eating spicy crab with ground pork last night, you might have blushed. Need I say more?

Photos left to right: 1. Shane’s pina coladas, from scratch, a wonderfully summery treat to offset the fall in the air  2. Pre-dinner snacks  3. The table  4. A kiddie cocktail  5. Bok Choi by Rita  6. Steak by André  7. Wayne’s spicy crab with ground pork  8.The dinner table  9. An impromptu baby shower for Jenya & André !