New, old

Pino's_IMG_1745It was just us ‘youngsters’ today. We spent the day walking, exploring our new/old neighborhood, looking at wildlife (turkeys & bunnies), and realized that we are not going to get fat. Our 5th floor walk-up apartment has been replaced by a house at the tippy top of a steep hill.

Oddly, this is not just my old neighborhood, but Shane’s as well. One of his first apartments when he emigrated to the US, was a very short walk away from where we’re living now.

In keeping with re-living/re-discovering our past, we ordered pizza from Pino’s, which has been around for as long as I can remember. We ate outside on a threadbare tablecloth which I remember fondly from my childhood. Nice.
Pino's_IMG_1746 Pino's_IMG_1749

The Last Supper

LastSupper_IMG_1614I felt like I should post this dinner—even though it was just pizza takeout and a tomato salad—because it was the last in our apartment in Jackson Heights. Here’s to change and new adventures?

Fish n’ chips… sort of

Perch_Fries_Salad_IMG_2274Shane was really pushing for takeout tonight. I think because he wouldn’t be home in time to cook dinner, and he knows how painful it is for me to be on my feet these days. I might have agreed to takeout, if I hadn’t already dragged my grumpy, hurtin’ self to the farmer’s market to buy fish this morning.

We settled on very simple fish, a minimal salad, and french fries from the chicken place around the corner. The fish was ocean perch, which I cooked by dipping in egg, dredging in seasoned flour and pan-frying in butter for about 8 minutes. It was good, simple and fresh.

For dipping the fish and/or the fries, I made a cilantro-Sriracha mayonnaise. The sauce was good but has not caused me to go into labor, so I’m  considering it a delicious sauce, but ultimately an epic fail.

Friday night

Pizza_IMG_9927Somehow, I was thinking that having my husband home all week would make life easier. What I didn’t really stop to consider is that having one’s husband home all week recovering from surgery, does not make life easier at all.

We ordered pizza and a chicken parm sub tonight from Gianni’s Pizza. The pizza arrived cold-ish, as always, but I was too tired to care.

Below are some of the dinners we’re thinking about for next week. I’ve coded them TT for tried and true, NR for new recipe and MA for make ahead. All of the meals use veggies from our CSA box. We probably won’t really do all three pasta dishes. Then again, you never know.

Happy weekend!

Dinner, supplemented

TakeoutSupplemented_IMG_9736Honestly, I don’t know what exactly happened with dinner tonight. I made Penne alla Vodka and a CSA salad (topped with roasted corn). My mom added rotisserie chicken, pita and roasted potatoes from the chicken place around the corner. It was a little bit weird, but no one went hungry, that’s for sure.

We caught up with family and friends, wine and much rum was consumed, princesses were paraded, and all was well.


Bracketed takeout

Bracketed_Sushi_IMG_9422It was a long day. Shane wanted to order sushi. I was okay with sushi, but wanted a homemade salad. Rose didn’t want sushi at all.

The solution? Shane made Rose penne with olive oil, grated pecorino and bacon. I made an arugula and honeycrisp apple salad, and Spicy Shallot brought sushi.

It seemed like more work than necessary, but everyone was happy and fed.