lazy wednesday

Lazy Thursday, with friends!

LazyThurs2_IMG_2120We met some friends at the coffee shop for dinner tonight. What a wonderful idea! Why did I not think of it before?

The kids had a grand old time, eating, wrestling and who knows what else. And the moms got to chat over a glass of wine… or mineral water (sigh).

As if wrestling, tickling and running all around wasn’t enough. Rose felt compelled to work out on her new gymnastics bar, from the moment we got home, until we peeled her off of it, at 10 minutes past bedtime.


Lazy Thursday

LazyThursday_IMG_2095The wonderful thing about being a regular our favorite coffee shop, is that when the shop is closed for a private party, you might just get an email from one of the owners, letting you know they’ll be closed, so that you can make alternate plans.

Thanks to one of the kind owners at Espresso 77, we didn’t walk the extra block out of our way to find the shop closed. At the moment an extra block is feeling like an awful lot of distance to me, so I’m particularly grateful.

Instead, Rose chose pizza at Gianni’s, which was fine with me. She also took this photo of me with my 32 week protrusion, just for her auntie Trish, who can’t see us from all the way over there in Ireland.


Lazy Thursday

Lazy_Wed_IMG_2049We had a couple of really nice surprises this Lazy Thursday. The first was that Shane joined us for dinner at Espresso 77, for the first time ever!

The other surprise was that our good friend Sean bought us a really generous gift certificate, which should cover our Lazy Thursday dinners for many weeks to come, even if Shane decides to join us again.

Thanks Sean!

Thursday is the new Wednesday

LazyThursday_IMG_2011Thursday really is the new Wednesday, Lazy Wednesday that is. It just makes more sense for us.

Tonight, Rose and I did our volunteer duty at Farm Spot, and then hopped over to Espresso 77 for our favorite “Ladies night out” dinner.

Rose grabbed half her grilled cheese and disappeared underneath the table when I got my camera out. Thus the dramatically underpopulated image above.

Lazy Wednesday

LazyWed_IMG_1893Dinner with my girl at Espresso 77, where we had wraps for a change. Rose had the turkey and pepper jack, I had the mushroom, fig, pecan and goat cheese. Yum! Afterwards we went to the new neighborhood hot spot Rainbowberry for frozen yogurt.

Lazy Wednesday!

LazyWednesday_E77Rose has been dying to get back to our regular Wednesday, post-gymnastics dinners at Espresso 77. We haven’t been going there lately because of Injury Man, who still needs a lot of help doing things.

But getting dinner? It occurred to me today that he gets his own lunch, he’s probably able to get his own post-physical therapy dinner. Not to sound cruel or anything.

Shane didn’t seem to mind being tasked with taking care of himself, so Rose and I went out. Hooray for Espresso 77!

Rose got grilled cheese, as usual. I was finally able to try the eggplant salad sandwich, whenever I’ve ordered it previously, they’ve been out. I highly recommend it.

Rose sealed the meal with a black & white cookie, after which we went straight home to do more gymnastics.