Our friends “The Drews” visited this weekend. It was delightful to see our Cape friends off-Cape and off-season.

Saturday night Shane made his famous carbonara for, I don’t know, maybe 17 people, maybe 20. My mom made a couple of dishes for anyone who didn’t want carbonara.

The Pasta alla Carbonara was a hit, as always. My kids devoured it, and couldn’t wait to polish off the leftovers the next day. Sid left a little pile of pancetta pieces by the side of his plate at dinner, because so far he’s not a meat eater.

My mom tried out a couple of dishes from the beautiful Venetian (of Sorts) cookbook, Polpo. So far everything we’ve made from this book is amazing.

The lentils with burrata and pesto were a vegetarian’s dream come true, and the roasted tomatoes with mozzarella were pretty perfect too.

Happy weekend!