In an effort to save time, here’s the whole Cape weekend in one somewhat concise post.

Friday night we had chicken with chorizo and potatoes from Jamie Oliver. With salads, of course, and yummy gazpacho by Britta.

In the morning, Sid helped me empty the dishwasher.

Saturday evening, the babies ate pond-side while the kids practiced leaping and the grown-ups drank margaritas.

Much later, we had grilled meats (pork ribs and sausages), grilled veggies, and every starch except pasta (rice, bread, corn and potatoes). Even the Beanie Boos got in on the dinner action.

It was a tremendous amount of food, but we still managed to pack in a dessert of brownies and ice cream.

Rose was the only one smart enough to work off dinner with a late-night trampoline session.