It was the kind of night at the Cape where everything is falls into place and all is perfect and right. Everyone felt it. It might have had to do with the fact that our core group was together again, those of us who’ve been coming here since 1986 and have been here every summer since, with the addition of spouses and a kid, and soon another kid. The only thing missing was the loved ones we’ve lost.

We had a ton of vegetables, tomatoes from my csa box, more tomatoes from Bob Luckraft (neighbor & fellow catboat association member), and arugula, peppers and cukes from the Drews’ garden. My mom had some lovely feta from Arax Market in Watertown, and made a tomato and feta salad with a perfectly salty vinegar dressing. Drew made a green salad with his peppery delicious arugula, crisp cukes and little red peppers. Shane & André made Shane’s favorite burgers of the moment, for which he mixes a stick of butter in with the ground meat. We also had bread from Hi-Rise Bread in Cambridge brought by old friends Ann & Chuck.