We celebrated André’s birthday today with a late lunch/early dinner barbecue. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly grilling weather. In fact, its even colder and more miserable today than it was yesterday.

Wayne braved frigid temperatures and lashing rain to man not one, but two grills for shrimp, burgers and dogs. Rita made her famous salad. André’s sister Amy made potato salad and his other sister, Julie made pasta for the kids. But the highlight of the meal was Jenya’s Bowl Cake!

Do you know about Bowl Cake? My mom “invented” it when she and my dad were first married. She made him a cake, but it broke apart when she tried to get it out of the pan. Always one to put a positive twist on things, my mom simply crumbled the cake and served it in a bowl topped with whipped cream. My dad said: “This is great, what is it?” to which my mom replied: “It’s bowl cake!”

• Bowl Cake •

1 cake that did not come out of the pan, crumbled into somewhat consistently sized pieces
2 pints heavy or whipping cream
sugar & vanilla extract to taste

Whip the cream and season with sugar and vanilla to taste. In a nice, glass bowl (see photo above), place half the crumbled cake. Top with half of the whipped cream, the rest of the cake and then the rest of the whipped cream. To serve, scoop out of the bowl with a big spoon.