Tonight was one of those epic Cape nights. Around 6:00 we went out for a two-boat booze cruise. Both boats motored out to Waquoit Bay and then tied up together at our mooring. We had sea breezes, guacamole, chips and delicious olives. Drew went for a swim and there was lots of transferring of a fancy little lady from one boat to another.

When we returned home the “kids” removed to the Kids House for more cocktails, this time Caipirinha’s by Shane, while everyone else did the hard work of making dinner, which it turned out was a pretty exciting event.

Drew made a huge stir fry with the loads of vegetables he and Cathy have been growing out in Western Mass. The best part was that he cooked it on his gigantic gas burner, outside!

I have to admit that I don’t get very excited by the idea of a stir fry. To me it brings back memories of meals cooked in college before any of us knew how to cook. But Drew’s was something else completely. So flavorful and well thought out. I should have known it would be amazing.

Ronni made the best gazpacho any of us has ever had. And Cathy made pickled green beans, also from their garden. So good. There were two kinds of rice, black and brown, both really tasty.

Did I mention that Kate is back from the UK? She makes us feel like summer is in really full swing. And Iris is here too, always a welcome addition.

Things will quiet down tonight as some folks return home for the work week. But not for long, the Irish are on their way!