Beans_IMG_5649Kids are funny the way they respond to breaks in their routine. Rose started to get a bit edgy today, and I wondered if it was being away from home and her normal day-to-day that was doing it. So when she asked for beans for dinner, I said yes. Having something familiar for dinner seemed to turn her mood right around.

I made the beans from this recipe but with my usual substitution of the white and light green parts of one leek, cooked with the garlic, used instead of the scallion. We had the beans with rice, corn tortillas and my version Ronni’s guacamole, which wasn’t nearly as good as hers.

My mom made the most delicious escarole ever. She sauteed it in oil with garlic until it was wilted, then added broth and cooked “the living daylights out of it,” and then at the end added a “slab” of butter. I’ll try it myself soon, and give you specifics if it works out.