IMG_5092Rose and I spent a good part of the weekend reading food blogs. She was curious about what else is out there, and I gladly introduced her to a few of my favorites.

She was particularly drawn to Dash & Bella, Phyllis Grant’s gorgeous and enviably honest blog. I’d like to say this is because Rose has inherently good taste in food and an eye for excellent photography, but really I think it’s all the F-bombs Phyllis drops.

We read and read and read Dash & Bella. We talked about Phyllis, and her kids, and read the word “fuck” a whole bunch of times. Then we chose some recipes for the coming week.

Rose chose Monday’s meal, we drew up our meal plan for the week, and then we had another blizzard.

Which brings me to the title of this post.

What do you make for dinner when you didn’t shop before a foot of snow dropped on top of last week’s two feet of snow? Us? Well, we make Marcella’s Famous Sauce over pasta, and a salad if we’re lucky.IMG_5122

If you’re not familiar with Marcella’s Sauce, the magic of it is that you place an onion, a can of tomatoes and butter in a pot, bring it to a simmer and come back 45 minutes later. You can squish it around a bit if you like to meddle, but you really don’t have to.

Happy shoveling. xoIMG_5121