Note: This about section needs to be totally re-written as I now work full time and we don’t live in NYC anymore. Check back for an updated about section or feel free to ask a question in the comments section or via email.

Hello. My name is Nina Max Daly and my family eats dinner together every night.* It’s just what we do. Growing up, my family always ate dinner together, and it never really occurred to me to do otherwise with my own family.

Most of our dinners are cooked at home from scratch, sometimes we order in and every now and then we go out, but home cooked is really the norm. On weekdays, I often have only 20-40 minutes to get dinner on the table before a certain someone spontaneously combusts one or both of my kids falls apart, or needs to tell me something, or needs to be held. A lot of what you’ll find here is very simple and can be made quickly, often without a recipe. I post recipes, or links to recipes, when they exist. Other times, you’ll just get a photo and hopefully some inspiration.

There are a few things that make our steady table a bit (or a lot – depending on your perspective) easier for me to maintian. I’m not a stay at home mom, but as a freelance graphic designer I often get to work from home. I usually work 30-35 hours per week, so I’m not balancing family and a full 40+ hour work week. Also, my husband Shane and I only have one child (at the moment, click here for more on that), which makes for some pretty smooth sailing, getting dinner on the table-wise. Just in case you were thinking I have it way too easy, here’s a wee challenge that I face each night: I am a vegetarian of 25+ years,** My husband, Shane and our daughter Rose are dedicated meat-eaters. Rose recently gave up being an infuriatingly picky eater. The jury is still out on baby Sid, as he mostly just drinks milk.

My husband Shane thought pasta sauce came from a jar until he met me. Now he’s our weekend and special occasion cook, you’ll see lots of his handiwork on these pages as well, particularly in summer. Shane works a full 40+ hour week and also manages to put some hours in at his art studio twice weekly, so weeknight dinners are almost exclusively my domain.

I don’t have any formal training as a cook though I did take a recreational cake baking class once. My family has been in the kitchen since the beginning of time and we all love to cook. Most of us are Italian, Italian want-to-be’s or Jewish, so we’ve got some good eating stock in us. You’ll see meals made with and by my entire extended family on these pages. We can generally be found in Jackson Heights, New York, Boston, or on Cape Cod.


*Full disclosure: On Wednesday nights, and sometimes Saturday nights, Shane is at his studio, so it’s just Rose and me. We’ve also not eaten together a handful of times for the following reasons: sicknesses and/or hospitalization, a carload of Italians running late, the once or twice a year that Shane and I go out to dinner without Rose and, well, I guess that’s it.

**I ate chicken and fish while pregnant with Rose & Sid and I have occasionally eaten fish since, when instructed by my amazing acupuncturist to do so. I do eat eggs (including caviar) and dairy.



  1. Iris Geik

    Just yesterday, Johanna was wondering about the recipe for Easter quiche that we have loved so much at the Brookline house all these years. Do you have it. Some of my best food memories are at table with you all.



  2. Nina Max

    It’s Geraldine Ferraro’s Easter Pie that my dad makes every Easter. You can find the recipe here:


  3. Matthew Frankel

    Nina Max – I just discovered your blog, so awesome!


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