Hello. My name is Nina Max Daly and my family eats dinner together every night.* It’s just what we do.

Once upon a time, we lived in New York City, had only one child and I worked from home as a freelance graphic designer. Back then, I started this blog and pretty much kicked ass when it came posting about our dinners every night.

And then I got pregnant again. And my husband got hit by a car and I gave birth to our son. And we moved to Boston where I took a full-time job in an office that is not in my dining room.

I no longer kick ass when it comes to posting about our dinners every night. But I do like to keep up the blog as a way to journal our life in dinners and because some folks seem to like reading it.

Most of our dinners are cooked at home from scratch, sometimes we cheat and have chicken tenders from Trader Joes, occasionally we order in, and every now and then we go out, but home cooked is really the norm. My husband Shane does a lot of the cooking, in fact he’s kind of our main cook now that he’s the freelancer and I’m the suit.

Regardless of who cooks, we never seem to have a lot of time in the evenings, so much of what you’ll find here is very simple and can be made quickly, often without a recipe.

My husband and daughter love meat, a lot. My son doesn’t really like dinner at all, and I’m a vegetarian**. Other than that we eat everything so hopefully you’ll find a nice range of recipes in these posts and here on our recipe page.

You can see where all of the magic used to take place, follow the progress of our new Boston-based kitchen, and get a list of our favorite pantry essentials here.

We hope you enjoy the blog and are inspired to eat dinner with other people because it’s supposed to be real good for you in lots of ways. Please follow us on facebook or instagram if you’d like.

*With very rare exception.

**I ate chicken and fish while pregnant with my kids and I have occasionally eaten fish since, when instructed by my amazing acupuncturist to do so. I do eat eggs (including caviar) and dairy.



  1. Iris Geik

    Just yesterday, Johanna was wondering about the recipe for Easter quiche that we have loved so much at the Brookline house all these years. Do you have it. Some of my best food memories are at table with you all.



  2. Nina Max

    It’s Geraldine Ferraro’s Easter Pie that my dad makes every Easter. You can find the recipe here:


  3. Matthew Frankel

    Nina Max – I just discovered your blog, so awesome!


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