This post is not about dinner. It’s just a big old thank you to my family.

We were at the Cape Cod ER again today, this time for Shane’s back, which is, essentially, seriously fucked up. Shane and I are now both completely useless (until I get the all-clear—fingers crossed—from my OB tomorrow).

Everyone was so helpful and supportive and wonderful. Driving us around, sitting in the hospital (again), comforting me, cleaning up the house and fridge (which we left a total mess), changing kitty litter, entertaining and remembering to feed Rose, driving relatives to the airport, making beds, packing snacks… The list goes on.

Thank you to my whole family, but today extra thanks to my sister, Anna.

After running 6 miles this morning, Anna packed up our car, because we can’t lift anything, and drove us all the way home from Cape Cod.

After six hours of driving, she then carried all of our luggage, and our two cats upstairs (that’s 5 flights, folks), and drove around the neighborhood until she found a Thursday spot for our car, so that we don’t have to move it for several days.

How awesome is Anna? Infinitely awesome. Thank you a million times a million, sis.