Tonight we celebrated the birthdays of my mom, dad and mother-in-law, Helen. They were all born in the same week, back in the year of 19(ahem).

Anna & Jenya had the brilliant idea of making a simple meal for our group of 18-ish (it’s hard to get the count exactly right). We wondered what ever happened to simple, pasta-based Cape meals, where we only have three things, and why we don’t have them more often*.

On the menu was Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Tzatziki, sweet and hot Italian sausages on the grill, and a delicious salad by Rita, with Rita’s Dressing, of course.

Dinner was followed by a cake that my mom made, possibly with a little help from Rose, with “Us” written on the top in berries. “Us,” as in, happy birthday to us, not as in US(A).

It was the perfect end to a week at the Cape, we’re so sad to see everyone go, and so bummed that Shane and I were in such shitty shape for most of it. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again to all the friends and family who put up with us, picked up our slack, dried our tears, and then some. Until next year…

*Note to selves: remember this!