Tonight as promised I’m picking up where I left off two nights ago. So go ahead and read that post here before you continue—that is, if you like things all chronological-like.

So, what exactly does this blog about dinner, food, family and life have anything to do with my career as a graphic designer? (Drumroll…. or not) Sorry, I don’t have an answer to that question right now. But maybe I will at the end of 30 days!

As part of the Build Yourself Accelerator workshop, we do a lot of really helpful exploring and asking questions of ourselves. One of the things we discussed was how to leverage what you’re already doing to build career success and visibility.

The blog immediately came to mind as something I’m already doing, now I just need to find a way to connect it to my career. And that connection is what all this posting will hopefully, ultimately reveal.

Want to know what I do for a day job? Tune in tomorrow… or maybe the next day.

Oh right, this blog is about dinner! Tonight Shane made pizza (yesssss!) and a delicious little plate of mozzarella with a teeny tiny pile of fennel on top, that he tried to pass off as a salad (it’s the thought that counts, right?)