Shane did the cooking again tonight. He’s making me look like kind of a slacker, but I can’t complain.

For what it’s worth, I had a kind of crazy day. Worked from home till 1:00. Attended my final Build Yourself Accelerator online workshop (boo hoo!). Went to the doctor for my Botox for injections…

That’s right, Botox.

I get Botox injections for migraines, not because I’ve got a wrinkly forehead. I’ve been getting them for about a year now and for the first 6 months or so, the jury was out as to whether it was working. But over time, my migraines have gone from about 16-20 days per month, to 3-6 days per month. And they’re milder too. I call that progress. (Ironically my forehead was never that wrinkled to begin with.)

I wanted put that out there for any of you fellow sufferers, in case you didn’t already know. Botox for migraine costs a bloody fortune, it’s a LOT of injections, it’s often painful (but not like giving birth or anything), and it’s really scary when you read that disclaimer they make you sign the first time. But after you get over those hurdles, it’s awful nice to not be in pain all the damn time.

After the injections, I went in to the office (an hour away) for a meeting, then booked it back home (another hour) only to hop in the car immediately to go get Rose at the gym (25 minutes away). We were home by 7:30. Ok, maybe not so much of a slacker.

Dinner was the pork Shane cooked during dinner last night, a gorgeous salad topped with lightly sautéed red peppers and crushed wasabi peas, and ravioli with sage butter. Rose took the photo. Go team.