Happy, Hazy, Dreamy, Delicious, Holidays

It was ambitious to think I could keep up with the weekly meal digests. I forgot how truly tired and disconnected one feels during weeks 2-6 of a newborn’s life.

It’s a beautiful time, in a hazy, sleepless, dreamlike way. More so with knowing how fleeting it is. How briefly your baby will be the soft, sleepy, fragile, dependent creature he is.

For now, we’ll stay on maternity leave. You can check out last year’s Christmas or New Years Eve posts to see what we usually do. And we’ll get back to regular posting as soon as we can.

Wishing everyone a home as totally full of love, as ours is right now.

Weekly Digest 2

Here’s what we’ve been up to dinner-wise for the past week or so.

Left to Right:
1. Pasta with Easy Sweet Italian Sausage & Tomato Sauce, and a beet salad similar to this one.
2. The beet salad really hit the spot.
3. Spinach lasagna from a kind neighbor, steak and Romanesco broccoli.
4. Kale, Cabbage & Farro Soup (from the freezer)
5. Oktoberfest Stew, amazing potatoes (a Shane ad-hoc, so no recipe – sorry!), salad & a selection of cheeses from the Cowgirl Creamery, courtesy of good friends in San Francisco.
6. Macaroni & Cheese, you know, for babies. Thanks to Jenya.
7. What’s on my lap at dinner these days.
8. Loads of fun with candy from Dylan’s Candy Bar. They are my sunshine once the tiredness kicks in (Shane & Rose, not the candy).
9. Making dinner 24/7, if you know what I mean.

What we’re eating now

In these early, foggy, newborn days, we’ve been mostly surviving on food that has been brought to us by a whole bunch of very kind friends, neighbors and family. Pictured above is week 1: Dec 2 – Dec 8. There is more, but I’m too sleep deprived to remember to take photos every night.

Left to Right:
1. Me and my children(!) very tired after being up all night and a totally unmedicated birth.
2. My reward, dinner in a private hospital room, which comes with better food than the regular, shared room. (This is a weird New York thing.)
3. Jamie Oliver’s friend’s lasagna, made by my aunt and served up (two nights in a row) by my girls Jenya & Anna.
4. This chili (from the freezer),
5. Delectable spinach lasagna from our neighbors who are amazing because they have a newborn of their own.
6. This chicken with potatoes and roasted broccoli, by Shane.

A guest post!

No, we don’t have a guest posting here on The Steady Table, though that’s a good idea. I was invited to write a guest post for Word of Mom Blogger over at WhatToExpect.com several weeks ago, and it went live today!

You can read the post here. Check back soon for a quick glimpse of what we’ve been eating since we became a family of four. Enjoy!

Special thanks to my blog post coach, Britta Alexander for her help.

Maternity leave

Baby_IMG_2305In case you hadn’t heard, The Steady Table is taking leave of the steady posts for a while. Our delicious little nugget, was born the morning of December 2, 2013. Labor began shortly after I wrote this post, I guess the sauce worked after all!

Fish n’ chips… sort of

Perch_Fries_Salad_IMG_2274Shane was really pushing for takeout tonight. I think because he wouldn’t be home in time to cook dinner, and he knows how painful it is for me to be on my feet these days. I might have agreed to takeout, if I hadn’t already dragged my grumpy, hurtin’ self to the farmer’s market to buy fish this morning.

We settled on very simple fish, a minimal salad, and french fries from the chicken place around the corner. The fish was ocean perch, which I cooked by dipping in egg, dredging in seasoned flour and pan-frying in butter for about 8 minutes. It was good, simple and fresh.

For dipping the fish and/or the fries, I made a cilantro-Sriracha mayonnaise. The sauce was good but has not caused me to go into labor, so I’m  considering it a delicious sauce, but ultimately an epic fail.